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3 - hour kayak trip
Product Description
Price: $95.00
5 - hour kayak trip
Product Description
Price: $150.00
2 - day kayak trip
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Price: $495.00
3 - day kayak trip
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Price: $695.00
4 - day kayak trip
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Price: $795.00
3 - hour kayak trip        A great trip if you only have a short time.  We will
                                          kayak to a special place across from the marina.  Lots of
                                          sightseeing and photography opportunities.
                                          Possibly do a swim as well.
5 - hour kayak trip         Leaving from the launch ramp, we will kayak to at least
                                           one canyon.  There will be time for exploring some
                                           areas that only a few will ever see.  Lunch will be
                                           provided and we can always swim or explore on foot
                                           as well.  Again, photography will be a must and sight-
                                           seeing is a given.
2 - day kayak trip           We leave from the marina by powerboat and sightsee as
                                            we go uplake.  Set up camp on a beautiful beach and
                                            kayak to a fantastic canyon.  Campfire at night (and
                                            hopefully some ghost stories), then more kayaking
                                            the next day.  Meals provided.  Camping is a great
                                            way to relax after a wonderful day on Lake Powell.
3 - day kayak trip           Similar to the 2-day trip with added kayak trips and
                                           another night camping out under the stars.  Photography,
                                           photography, photography.   Adventure every
                                           day.  We will do more than one canyon with plenty of
                                           time to swim or stretch our legs along the way.  Meals
4 - day kayak trip           A popular choice for a relaxing vacation.  You will see
                                           areas of the lake that very few people get to see.  We will
                                           explore 2-3 canyons and still have some time for the
                                           pleasures of swimming or hiking, photography  and
                                           adventure.  Tent camping and campfires are 
                                           the evening's entertainment.  Bring your 
                                           singing voices and guitars.  Meals provided.                   
5-day kayak trip              We offer a 5-day trip only in the months of April, May,
                                            Sept., Oct., and Nov.  The cost for a 5-day trip is
                                            $995.00 per person.
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