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I, __________________________(Please print name) understand and acknowledge that the kayak/hiking trip I am undertaking is physically and emotionally demanding and involves significant risks and hazards, such as storms, joint injuries, broken bones, hypothermia, collisions with power boats, falling, and even drowning.  I am fully capable of participating in this activity, and will and do assume the risk of mortal or serious accident, injury and loss of equipment.  In addition to the risks inherent in kayaking, wilderness adventuring, camping, and cold-water travel have numerous unpredictable hazards and stresses.
     I am voluntarily and willingly choosing to engage in the sport of kayak and hiking, and I fully understand and accept the risks associated with it.  I also understand that while my instructors, guides and leaders may have first aid training, they are not trained in extensive emergency medical procedures and that in the event of a serious medical emergency, treatment may be several hours to more than days away.  I give my permission to the guides, instructors, and other participants on this trip to seek emergency medical treatment for me, even in the event that I am unconscious or can't otherwise consent.
     I agree to exercise all necessary caution during any instructionals and on any trip and to obey the safety requirements of those assisting me.  I also agree to inform Kayak Explorations, LLC, the guides and instructors of any significant aspects of my physical condition or medical history that might increase the risk to myself or others.  I understand that I (or my personal health, homeowners or accident insurance) will cover any costs or other liabilities I may incur during the kayak/hiking adventure, and I agree to be responsible for any equipment loss or breakage due to my negligence or inattention.

I HAVE CAREFULLY READ AND CONSIDERED THIS INFORMATION AND RELEASE AND FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENTS.  I AM AWARE THAT I AM RELEASING CERTAIN RIGHTS that I otherwise may have and enter into this contract on behalf of myself and my family in consideration of being permitted to participate in this adventure.  I therefore totally and completely release and absolve Kayak Explorations, LLC, Maggie Cummins, and any and all other guides, instructors and participants on this trip from any blame, negligence, undue responsibility, or liability of any sort.  I also give permission for any photographs taken during this trip to be used by Kayak Explorations, LLC, for any reason, and I agree that Kayak Explorations, LLC, is not responsible for loss or damage to my personal property or other valuables.  I have read Kayak Explorations, LLC, policy agreement and understand and agree with those provisions.

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       Return signed form to:  Kayak Explorations, LLC 
       P.O. Box 7226, 
       Page, AZ  86040

                   KAYAK EXPLORATIONS, LLC 

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