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After a good day of kayaking and adventure, we head back for an evening of camping on a beachSo, you have called Kayak Explorations, LLC and set up a guide trip on Lake Powell.  Now what?  What do you bring with you?  Here are some suggestions:
If you booked only a day kayak adventure:  camera, waterproof jacket if it could be chilly or rainy,swimsuit, sunscreen, water shoes, hiking shoes, sunglasses, hat, rain gear (if rain is predicted for your trip), binoculars, bug repellent, paddling gloves, day pack, chapstick,
Markings on a wall at Lake PowellCamping or overnight trips:  depending on time of year (warm clothing) or shorts and t-shirts, rain gear, bug repellent, paddling gloves, journal and pen,  water shoes, hiking shoes, your favorite pillow, hat, sunscreen, aspirin, sunglasses, a book to read with or relax with, camera (a must, photography is a top priority here at Lake Powell), flashlight or headlamp, harmonica or guitar (if you know how to play them), beer and/or wine, spirits of your choice.
Where else but at Lake Powell would you find opportunities for photography like this?
 Before you arrive for your trip, write down some things you are hoping to see and do and what you think the trip will be like.  When the trip is over, re-read this list and see how the actual trip matched up to your expectations. 

Photography from our camp site after a guide trip on Lake Powell
Adventure from beginning to end.  Lake Powell has the best weather in the world in my opinion.  We have 350 sunny days on average per year.  But, our storms are magnificent.  The clouds add to the sightseeing and photography that these guide trips offer.  Some of the best photography comes from a cloudy day.
Stress relief kayaking is common here at Kayak Explorations, LLC on Lake Powell
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