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Powder vs. calm lake
Winter and kayaking
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Kayaking on Lake Powell
New year for kayaking
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New year for kayaking

Powder vs. calm lake

Two very opposite sports, snowskiing and kayaking....................what do they have in common?  While skiing in powder this morning (lots and lots and lots) of powder, I could only hear muted noises and I felt as though I was flying.  What does this have to do with kayaking?  It's the same type of feeling when the water is like glass and you glide along as though you are flying.  You no longer belong to this earth with gravity pulling at you.  You now belong to a freedom that you can only feel a few times in your life.

Winter and kayaking

It's been a while since I've added a post to this blog, because winter hit and I am thinking about other things instead of kayaking.  But, recently, I was in Tampa, Florida, where the temperatures are a balmy 77 and the ocean is calling me to kayak once again.
Kayaking in the ocean is a whole different way of kayaking.  Kayaking on Lake Powell is more calm and soothing without the waves (normally), and the current.  If you are looking for  a peaceful kayak trip, then we are the place you should start.
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